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 Warrior Cats Rules

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PostSubject: Warrior Cats Rules   Warrior Cats Rules EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 9:41 pm

Theses are the official Warrior Cats RPG rules!

1. Please do not be disrespectful.

2. You cant just come in here and call yourself a warrior or clan leader. You to earn it or if a Queen agrees she can give birth to your character.

3. You can not just kill someone like this: Pounces on cat and kills it. No don't do that. Keep it realistic and no over power. If and staff member catches you doing this you WILL get in trouble.

4. If your character does die you can either play as your dead character in StarClan or if a Queen agrees you can be born again into a NEW character. Witch means you have to change your name.

5. Gatherings are held every Full Moon. An admin will tell you in an Announcement that it will be a Gathering night. Clan Leaders will pick who goes.

6. Please follow your Clans rules! Your Leader does have the right to banish you if you do not follow the Warrior Code!

7. Please respect other Clans Territory! You will get attacked or killed. If you are in a Clan and do this you might get your Clan in trouble with other Clans!

8. You can have a mate just no Sexual stuff on the forums! Keep that stuff over PMs people! Keep it PG-13. Fighting is as bloody as you wish.

That's about it for now. Make sure to check back here every once in awhile we do update the rules.

Thank You!
~The Warrior Cats RPG Staff!
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Warrior Cats Rules
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